• Bridal Trial – Finding the Perfect Look for Your Wedding Day

    29 Apr 2015

    Photography: Lene Photography; Make & Hair: Olga Gill

    More photographs will be taken of you on your wedding day than on any other occasion in your life, so it pays to know you will be captured looking every inch the beautiful bride. A trial run of your hair and makeup well ahead of time will leave you confident that not only will you look your best, but also your stress levels can be kept in check as you prepare for the ceremony itself.

    A bridal trial will save time on your wedding day

    bridal-trial-2Wedding day schedules tend to be very tight. A bridal trial will reveal exactly what look you would like and how long it takes to create, which can save a lot of anxiety on the day.

    Get into a beauty regime

    At this stage, a visit to a beauty therapist is a good idea. She can assess your skin, schedule a few facials and put you onto a daily skin regime to ensure you have beautiful, healthy skin – the canvas for the makeup artist to work on.

    Bring makeup and hair pictures to your bridal trial

    A bridal trial is a good time to discuss various options and to find out which looks work for you. Before you book a makeup trial, do some homework.  Start a Pinterest page or save pictures of the makeup looks you like, and use them as references for your makeup artist and hair stylist.  Remember ‒ makeup artists are visual!

    Try different makeup looks

    Bridal Hair and Makeup TrialBe open to any suggestions you may get during your makeup trial. For example, think about adding a few individual lashes for an elegant look. While still looking natural, they create the illusion of a lift and can enhance the eyes.

    Professional long-lasting makeup for photography

    Keep in mind that your wedding day makeup needs to cope with the flash from the cameras, while still looking fantastic close up.  A trial run gives you the opportunity to test that not only the makeup products last, but also the final look.

    Have a makeup trial during the daytime

    It’s a good idea to have your bridal trial done in the daytime so you can test the staying power of your makeup. Also, check out how your makeup works in a variety of lights – natural indoors and outdoors, as well as day and night.

    Get to know your makeup artist

    A bridal trial is also a great opportunity to get to know your makeup artist.  You want to feel comfortable with the artist who, when the date rolls around, will make you feel pampered, relaxed and camera-ready for the long and exciting day ahead.