• How to do a Natural Makeup Look

    6 Oct 2015
    Tips for fresh, flawless natural makeup

    Photography: Tobias Kraus; Makeup & Hair: Olga Gill

    Tips for Fresh, Flawless Makeup that Looks Natural

    This coming summer keep your makeup on the light side to allow your natural beauty to shine through!

    • Prepare your skin for makeup by cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen.
    • Begin makeup application with a lightweight foundation that matches your skin tone.
    • Apply a small amount of pressed powder to set the foundation.
    • Use bronzer to add a sun-kissed glow to your skin. Apply where the sun naturally hits your face – your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
    • Apply blush to cheeks for extra warmth.
    • For eyes, choose light eye shadow colours that are close to your skin tone. Finish with one coat of mascara.
    • Use an SPF lip gloss to add shine and sun protection.
    tips for applying a natural makeup look

    Photographer: Tobias Kraus; Makeup & Hair: Olga Gill

    Your new summer look should add a touch of extra colour to the face while still blending naturally with the rest of your skin.