• How to revitalise your lips and make them smooth, kissable and young looking

    1 Apr 2015
    lip makeup

    Photography: Hannah Bichay; Makeup: Olga Gill

    Chapped, dry lips can be annoying, especially when applying a colour lipstick that will only emphasize the dryness on your lips.

    If you want your lips to look luscious and kissable, exfoliating your lips is a good first step to take.

    Exfoliation for dry chapped lips

    Exfoliate your lips with a product specifically made for the delicate lip area. Make sure you use a reputable product that will keep your lips smooth and luscious.

    There are a few great lip exfoliating products on the market:

    lip exfoliationFor delicious flavours try LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics lip scrubs (made in New Zealand).
    Lip Exfoliators

    Create your own lip scrub at home

    You can also create a lip scrub with a few ingredients from your kitchen cabinet. The most simple way to exfoliate your lips is to scour them with a little bit of brown sugar mixed with olive or coconut oil.

    Enjoy this recipe for a natural sugar scrub you can make at home.  More recipes are on morningchores.com.

    Another old trick that helps to improve circulation in your lips is to remove dry and chapped skin with a toothbrush. To buff up your lips, use the soft bristles of a toothbrush and work it in circular motion.

    Smooth Lip Maintenance

    After the exfoliation, remember to rehydrate the sensitive skin on your lips with your favourite lip balm. This will help to moisturize your lips, and provide a protective barrier for your lips.

    Continue using a lip exfoliator once a week, or in colder months – every day to maintain your smooth and young looking lips.