• Makeup Lessons

    25 Oct 2017
    Makeup lessons application techniques

    Do you want to extend your knowledge on how to improve your makeup look and figure out what you actually need in your makeup bag?  Schedule a one-to-one makeup lesson for makeup tips and step-by-step guidance on applying makeup.

    Introduction to Makeup Application

    We start by going through your makeup bag and discussing what products you need and should use. We then start with basic makeup tips for applying makeup.

    learn contouring, strobing and other makeup techniques by booking a makeup lesson

    Makeup Techniques


    Learn the art of classic, neutral, or smoky eye makeup.


    Learn how to correct, style or shape eyebrows with makeup products.

    Face Contouring

    Learn makeup techniques for contouring, highlighting and blushing to add definition to your face.


    Learn how to create a classic, neutral or dramatic lip.

    False Lash Application

    Learn false lash application for your special event.

    Customize Your Makeup Look

    Building on your existing makeup, learn the basics of how to create a day or evening makeup look. Learn how to enhance your natural look with some of the latest makeup trends.

    Book a personalized makeup lesson and I’m sure you will leave feeling confident about applying your own makeup.