• Wedding Makeup Trends That Are Here to Stay

    18 May 2016
    bridal makeup trends wedding inspiration

    Photography: Tobias Kraus; Makeup & Hair: Olga Gill

    Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. You planned ahead and want everything to be perfect. You have picked out the dress, shoes and now finishing all the final touches.  It is time to think about your bridal hair and makeup.  As featured on Auckland Weddings, here are a few wedding makeup trends to inspire your bridal look.


    For an instant face lift and a fresh glow, try strobing. It is like highlighting… on steroids. Instead of completing your standard contour and highlight routine, skip the shading entirely.  Make sure whatever highlighter you use is luminescent rather than sparkly or metallic. Creamy formulas work the best. Try Bobbi Brown face highlighters to emphasize the points of the face the light hits naturally. If you have oily skin, a light highlighting powder could be your best option. Strobing will enhance your skin and instantly give your face a natural lift.

    Bold Twiggy Lashes

    Big, full, and thick lashes are trending, and are even more of a craze than they were in the 1960’s. To achieve this strikingly feminine makeup look, dust a small amount of loose powder onto your lashes before applying your favourite mascara. The powder helps to maximize the look of each lash.

    “Pretty in Pink” trend

    Are you romantic? For this soft and youthful look, apply a cream blusher formula to the apples of your cheeks, before applying the foundation to create a beautiful glow that looks like it’s coming from beneath the skin. Warm pink is perfect for any complexion. A cream blusher can also double as a lip colour for this makeup look. Try using NARS The Multiple, as it is considered to be one of the best multi-tasking blushers. NARS The Multiple can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks and even your body!

    Ombre lip

    This is when two lip colour shades are applied at once to give a fuller lip appearance. Not only does this technique create a lovely contour to make your pout look fuller, but it also wears off in a more gentle way. A nude ombre lip is the most versatile for this trend and is a great choice if you have small lips. As a bonus, it’s universal and pairs well with both a natural or dramatic eye look.

    Glossy skin

    Try the celebrities’ secret to glowing skin by applying an illuminating cream under your makeup. For
    a quick fix try MAC strobe cream or check out NARS Illuminator which takes your skin easily from bland and dull to bright and healthy. Finish with a bit of bronzer for a healthy glow.

    Winged eyeliner

    A popular trend in the makeup world for quite some time, winged eyeliner is becoming one of the favourite looks for brides. For your wedding day, try a simple extended liner to create a subtle wing. Instead of a liquid liner use a gel liner (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners are great) for an easier long-lasting application. Start at the outer corner of the eye and swipe your brush inward. For brides with a pale skin I would recommend a more suitable shade of brown to soften the look.

    Boyish brows

    A full brow, which gives a more youthful look, is in vogue and trending. You may want to start growing them out for your wedding day. If your brows need a little help use the Brow Boost from Billion Dollar Brows to kick start their growth. I use a brow powder and gel comb to create a full natural eyebrow. MAC Brow Set is a brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape while adding shine and style.